Future of making money online

s atroduction to fast changing internet world

The Internet is changing and it’s changing very fast the era of digital has started not only a bunch of countries but the global is getting connecting to this huge internet.

What is changing

Internet have great example of things if you ask a perosn in 90s to leave his job to make money on intenret he won’t he and say hime that this internet will create billion dollar company he won’t belive it thats the same now 2018 is the yaer where intenret is taking off and if you want to make sommething  out of this huge industrie you should be aware of it why its nesscary lets take example of bitcoin i am sure you have heard of bitcoin maybe you own one but was it yoou first choice in 2010 may be the answer is no becuase at the people were unaware of this crytocurrency and its growth this is your chance you have to make your seat before the internet take off.

-How everything is changing from manual to digital

Eaxmples of things channing which is creating business

How can you stand out from the crowd

Ok there are lots of customers on the internet but also a huge number of seller how can you stand out from the crowd.

The number of users

Stats of the internet users and the growth with image and credit

Perception towards internet

today also people perception towards internet is not good still people don’t ready to leave their job to work on internet and finf this job very unreliable


What are oppurnutiy and example of bisness happeing here

-Huge Number of Audience

-People Spend Money Online

-The Digital Era