Future of making money online

Introduction to fast-changing online money making industry

The Internet is changing and it’s changing very fast the era of digital has started,

not only in some countries but the globe is getting connected to this huge internet.


What is changing?

The perception of people towards making money from the internet has changed today, back then if you ask a person in 90s to leave his job and start an internet company he probably would say no and won’t risk his job.

because of lack of clarity about the future trends and market, many people miss lots of opportunities, but the people who identified that opportunity are now some of the richest people on the globe.

One of them is Jeff Bezos founder of amazon.com who started his business in his garage started selling the most demanding thing on the internet it was books, he left his job and started amazon with over 3,00,000 book and within some year Amazon becomes one of the most profitable internet companies.

So it’s not about how great you are or your idea it’s about implementation and how fast you grab the opportunity.

Let’s come into 2018 bitcoin a currency everyone is talking about because it is intangible and have no physical existent but the actual reason behind of its popularity is the rise of its value.

In 2010 bitcoin was equivalent to $1 but today its value is over 18000 dollars and whoever would have grab this opportunity would be a millionaire or maybe a billionaire.

What we learn, opportunities don’t wait for anyone the only people who can fly with it, who are aware of the next boom and have the skills and knowledge to take off with it”

How everything is changing from manual to digital

Digital money is one of the thousands of trend which is happeniing around the internet e-newspaper e-trading are some of the names, everthing has some significant digital presence it may be your local bakery or your barber.

from your mobile bill to your house mortage everything can be paid online the opportunity are endless. can you stand out from the crowd?

the internet is not a secret so there are thousands of people who would have the same idea as you do, so how can you stand out from croud the answer is simple by giving your 150 percent be updated with the latest trend and need of your customer.

What is the size market?

From a latest report, its say there are 3.2 billion people who surf the internet on daily basiss and the true internet potential is yet to come,

because there are dozens of countries who are just getting connected to the internet, developing countries internet users are increasing significantly and have a very big impact on the fast-changing digital world, Today your market isn’t limited to some countries such as us or UK but the internet is really evolving to become truly global.