Facebook is becoming very popular and now it had more than 1 billion users worldwide, Everyone wants to earn money from facebook but don’t know the correct ways to earn. Facebook don’t have any monetization system like youtube but if you have a good amount of follower you can definitely earn a good income from facebook So let’s get started on the list of making money from facebook.

1) Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular ways to Earn money from facebook. In a simple method, you work as an agent to promote the product and earn commission on every successful affiliate purchase cool right, Where to find this affiliate programme have you ever noticed that in all e-commerce site or Digital product selling site where you will find a link called make money with us or became an affiliate. On this links you can join affiliate programme there are also lots of affiliate marketplaces where you can signup and start promoting the product.

  •  Learn affiliate marketing  

Popular affiliate sites

  • amazon.com
  • flipkart.com (India)
  • ebay.com
  • gearbeast.com

Popular affiliate marketplace

  • cj.com (also known as commission junction)
  • clickbank.com

Choose your niche and start promoting affiliate product not only physical product you can also sell a digital product.

2) Promotional Article

We all check our facebook wall but you ever notice that sometimes your favourite facebook page, post some article links or their own article link. where they redirect you to their website or any promotional article. which they get paid for every click (CTR) they get from you, In addition, you can create your own website and promote more affiliate product and also run google Adsense to generate more revenue. If you scare of coding don’t worry, You can start your website on WordPress and it’s very simple to manage drag-drop feature and addition thousands of useful plugins.

  •  Start your own website 
  • Learn more about promotional article

Example – Cidvsrajnikant jokes sounds very funny although the facebook page is also about funny jokes they have more than 13 million likes on their facebook and also they get sponsorship from movies to promote because most of the users are young. recently they get a sponsor from a movie ‘kaabil’ also they generate millions of earning from their website by promotional post and from google Adsense ads.

3) Sell Your Own Products or Services

Nowadays, Starting e-commerce sites is becoming very popular and if you don’t know how to set up an e-commerce

  • Learn to create e-commerce sites
  • Learn in detail about drop shipping

The next step is which product to sell you can sell any product in your niche and many of you don’t have their own product to sell so you can start drop shipping. Example – Buying something for cheap and selling it at a higher price, do you aware of amazon fulfilled. Thousands of people in India depended on drop shipping and make huge income from it and many people use this method directly on their e-commerce and promote it on their huge facebook pages and generate lots of sales.

  • Learn more about amazon fulfilled

Website to find cheap product 

  • alibaba.com (most popular)
  • doba.com     (Stable website)
  • Salehoo.com(best platform to start from small)

We are done with the products and selling what about delivering you can use third party service to deliver your product safely and anywhere in your region or country by giving some small charge but don’t worry you can add this money to the product as shipping charge or service charge and you can Earn money from facebook and after your all work will worthy.

Some good courier services to start your business.

  • Buledart.com
  • Fedex.com
  • Dhl Express (India)

Worrying about receiving payment here is the list of best payment gateways.

  • Known more about payment gateways


  • Instamojo.com (India)
  • Paypal.com (worldwide)
  • ccavenue.com(Most popular use by company like Flipkart)

4) Promote other facebook pages in your niche

Facebook has millions of pages but not every page is big and establish So, Every new page wants to grow and increase their like But, How can they do that by taking help of establish pages in their niche and contact them and ask for promoting their pages if you like their page you can promote it but charging some money.Have you ever noticed on Instagram they post certain images or video and say if you want this post on your wall then follow ‘xyz’ page? How to find those page who want to promote themselves.

  • Direct contact by facebook page
  • Contacting on provided website or email
  • Direct call if number provide by the page (optional)


There is nothing like impossible if someone else can do it you can also do it for sure.

Facebook earning is possible not earning but huge earning lastly make your mind dedicate to your work and you will definitely gonna see the result and Earn money from facebook.

Bonus points

  • Be active on your page
  • Learn monetization techniques
  • Learn SEO to optimize your website (optional)
  • Interact with your visitors and audience
  • Earn money from facebook by maintaining your page reputation
  • If you have any queries I love to hear them in comment section









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Akash gupta · May 1, 2017 at 11:22 pm

Hi nice post again can you please try and write a review about questra

    Abhishek Mourya · May 1, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Ya sure but I don’t trust this type of money making programme is legit and I think Questar is a scam but I will write a review very soon after my research

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