Make Money Selling Photos Online – (Guide for Beginners)

Making money online is becoming a trend nowadays, There are tons of ways to make money online but in this post, I’m gonna share one of my best method to make money by selling photos on the net.

How to sell photos to make money

Let’s start by looking what we will learn.

  1. Purchasing a camera (Need help check this)
  2. Capturing the best
  3. Not to edit
  4. Copyright is important
  5. Finding the best marketplace
  6. Maintaining the store
  7. Revenue

1) Purchasing a camera

Choosing the right camera can be a headache for you but not more, Now we have detail tutorial on purchasing the right camera which better fits you and your photos.Purchasing a camera can be very expensive that’s the reason we should purchase the camera which fits us if you want to shoot indoor photos purchasing an expensive lens is a waste of money same with outdoor purchasing a low mm lens would be a waste of money rather than investing in a good mm lens.

  • Guide for purchasing camera
  • Compare best cameras


2) Capturing the best

Not just the perfect shorts but also the best capturing photos can change the carrier of your online photo selling. Capture the best near you it doesn’t matter where you are at home, School, or public place capture the best. Learning to click some decent shots can give a boost to your carrier.

 3) Not to edit

One of the biggest mistake which a new photographer make that keep editing their photos and also add their own name watermark. This is not the thing you want to do make your photos untouched and raw so that’s it became easier for people to make the decision to purchase your photos. Clients need a raw photo for their business or commercial use so that they can edit as they need to make sure to learn to not to edit.

4) Copyright is important

It’s risk to publish your photos online before copyrighting them. If someone claims them you can also get in legal trouble and also if you copyright them no one can use your images without your permission. If someone uses your photos illegally then you can claim them copyright and also he/she had to face legal trouble. You can also charge them fine and give them warning to use your images.

5) Finding the best marketplace

Everything was done but what about selling photos their tons of marketplaces available but you should realia on only few which are globally available for everyone so that you don’t miss clients.Besides for  marketplaces, you can also start your own website and specifically sell images on certain topics if you want to learn to make websites you can check this :

  • Learn to make your own website

6) Maintaining the store

The golden way of photography is to keep updating your images. So, that you can sell your old and new photos as well without worrying of your revenue keep your website/store update with other niche images so you can grow and also make new clients as well.

7) Revenue

Revenue is the most important factor it helps you to be Financially strong and also motivated to your work so keep an eye on images which high demand and high search volume.


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