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3 Amazing Tips Be More Productive As a Blogger 2017

Blogging is still one of the best jobs in 2017 and yes it is,

Being a blogger and marketer I can say blogging still play a vital role in influencing people and getting sales. And yes Seo is not dead.

Being productive is should be your first priority if you want to become a productive blogger its make sense and you should also write a scheduled post can give insane growth to the traffic and your conversion of your blog

1) Write Down The Topic

I used to get lots of ideas on which I gonna write my next blog but still whenever I am on my computer I am blank.The reason behind this our brain ain’t focus on thoughts it came and go so you need to catch thought by writing them use sticky notes to write down the topics whenever you get them in your mind and yes don’t wait to get yourself to the desk to write the ideas just write them wherever you get them maybe subway, office anywhere just write it.

2) First Draft then publish

Lots of beginner bloggers make a mistake that they don’t give importance to the content and just keep focusing on publishing new content and don’t focus on the quality of the blog. blog Quality should your priority. The reason behind this is blog don’t just rank after you publish you have to work on it after they get published, like creating backlinks and social sharing and other off page Seo techniques so it’s always better to work hard and create the best piece of content.

3) Schedule your time

Make a schedule for your blogs keep a organize content for your visitor or reader. Make sure you publish blog category wise like, I will publish a blog for blogging on Monday. I will publish a blog for social media on Tuesday which makes it easier to manage content and also helps grow your blog tremendously in all related topics rather than sticking to only one or two topics blogging is meant to share as much information you can so share information on any topics related to your field.

Here was my three best method to be productive as a blogger. I use this three method to boost my productive by 200% and recommended this three tips to every new blogger.

If you any queries you can ask me in the comment section so more and more people question can get an answer in the comment section.

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